Open-Mic Events

Next Up in Open-Mic Events – Thursday, February 14, Noon-1:15 p.m., NMB Main Room 210: “Calming The Lizard Brain” featuring a cool video from Seth Godin from the 99U Conference.

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Godin Open-Mic flyer

Next Up in Open-Mic Events – Wednesday, October 17, Noon-1:15 p.m., NMB Main Room 210: “Are You Motiovated?  Are You Inspired?”

New item: Find half a dozen strong articles on flipped classrooms/teaching at

April 30: Salman Khan, Khan Academy and “flipped” teaching

Thanks to those who participated in the above Open-Mic topic April 30; your insights and passion are greatly appreciated!

Here are links to the several websites which we used, as well as a few other highly relevant sites for the curious.  Enjoy!

For Khan Academy home page:

For Khan Academy 60 Minutes interview:


For Sebastian Thrun and his Udacity project, video announcement:

For Coursera consortium:

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March 13: Commercialization in Schools

Thanks to Rhonda Schuval for guest hosting the IDEAWorks Open-Mic session Commercialization: How is it Impacting our Schools? Faculty and staff in attendance enjoyed an intriguing conversation!

Following are two excellent websites to find more information about Consumerism:   ( study guides available for Consuming Kids and Shop till you Drop )   (Fact Sheets and resource materials)

Comments from Open-Mic Participants:

Congrats to Rhonda.Great job. ~Stan Kratenstein

Great Discourse. ~Michael Gaffley

It was my pleasure. Thank you all for your comments, which made the session even more insightful. ~Johane Metellus

The presentation was wonderful! ~Maureen McDermott

Great session. Rhonda, you were wonderfully engaging with a fascinating topic. ~David Spangler

Outstanding job! Thanks to Rhonda and IDEAWorks. ~Delores Smiley

What a fabulous presentation Rhonda! Thank you so much for bringing more awareness to this most important topic! I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion and the camaraderie of this group!

Kudos to Brian and DeAndra for hosting such a wonderful event! ~Joyce Davis


2 Responses to Open-Mic Events

  1. Delores says:

    Today’s session, focusing on the emergence of the Khan Academy and the discussion that followed, started me thinking more about ways to get involved to help more graduate students be successful! The session was a challenging one that would have been even more so if more faculty and administrators were in attendance. Brian and DeAndra bring ideas to the Fischler community that are designed for us to not only be aware of the future before us but suggestions as to how we can meet that future with planned success. Thanks for another great job IdeaWorks!

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