EGOS aside, please!

EgosEgos and creativity don’t mix! In fact, author Todd Henry says that an over-inflated ego is “one of the most destructive creative sins” that one can commit. So, in an effort to produce your best creative work, consistently, Henry suggests that you avoid the ego traps!

What are “ego traps,” you ask? Well, Henry provides us with the three most exploited traps that keep people and organizations stuck in a rut when it comes to creativity and innovation. The lists of traps include:

  • Ego Trap #1: Playing the victim – When you are caught in this trap, you would rather opt-out of the game when there is a disagreement rather than be flexible enough to find a compromise and continue playing.
  • Ego Trap #2: Aggressive defense of your turf – When you sense that someone else is encroaching on something you perceive as your area of influence, you feel a need to protect your standing or authority and refuse to allow others to become the leading voice. You may even take credit for the ideas of others, or refuse to allow them to stand in the spotlight.
  • Ego Trap #3: Being easily offended – Have you ever met “that person” who perceives everything as a personal attack? It doesn’t matter what you say to them or how nicely you say it, they will somehow twist it into an insult. Similarly, some people treat any disagreement as an indication that you are questioning their competence. Both of these are subtle displays of inflated egos.

Click here for more on these “ego traps” and find out how you can avoid robbing yourself and others on your team!

– The IDEAWorks® Team

 “I measure what’s going on, and I adapt to it. I try to get my ego out of the way. The market is smarter than I am so I bend.”

~Martin Zweig


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