Feedback 2Our lives are bombarded with people, businesses and organizations who want feedback! We can’t get away from it! Participation in most of the virtual communities requires that you provide feedback. Online shoppers are asked to offer comments about the product(s), services, their overall shopping experience, and the list of requests for feedback goes on and on!

Well, add one more item to the list of things that need feedback…. Your ideas! Yes, whether you are working on that big idea for work or personal gratification – you need feedback! And, if you don’t know where to start in getting the advice and opinions of others on your projects – we have just what you need! Following is a list of 20 Ways to Get Feedback on your Biggest, Baddest, Boldest New Idea, by Mitch Ditkoff, President of Idea Champions:

  1. “I wonder if you have a few minutes to give me some feedback on a new idea of mine. Is this a good time?”
  2. “I’d love your opinion about a new idea that really excites me. Got five minutes to spare?”
  3. “I just had a big breakthrough. Mind if I share it with you?”
  4. “I need a second opinion on a new idea of mine. Available?”
  5. “Can I book some time with you tomorrow to pitch you a bold, new idea of mine. I think you’ll find it inspiring.”
  6. “I just figured out how to _________. Can I share it with you?”
  7. “I’d love your sage counsel on a new project of mine.”
  8. “You’re one of the smartest people I know around here. Mind if I share a new idea with you?”
  9. “Who do you recommend I talk with around here to help me develop an exciting idea of mine?”
  10. “I’ve got a deal for you. I’ll buy you breakfast tomorrow if you give me some feedback on a bold, new idea that came to me last night.”
  11. “I’d love you to play devil’s advocate with me for a few minutes. Mind if I pitch you a new idea of mine?”
  12. 12.“When would be a good time for the two of us to get together and brainstorm an idea with the power to change our industry?”
  13. “I need your help. I really do. Can you help me think through a new and untested idea of mine?”
  14. “I’ve got a great idea that I’m really confused about. Can you help me sort it out?”
  15. “Everyone I talk to tells me you’re the resident genius around here. Mind if I pitch you a great idea that needs some polishing?”
  16. “Would you be open to being my coach? I’ve got an awesome idea that’s kind of flapping in the wind.”
  17. “If you’ve got five minutes, I’d love your help thinking through a great, new possibility.”
  18. “Can I take you to lunch today to help me refine a new idea?”
  19. “Got 60 seconds to give me some feedback?”
  20. “If you give me your feedback on my latest idea, I promise to name my tenth child after you. Ready?”

Ok, now go ahead and start using these feedback starters to get the feedback that you need! Leave us a message below and let us know which one works best for you!

– The IDEAWorks® Team

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

~Ken Blanchard


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