It’s all about passion!

Passion Based LearningDo you think of “passion” when you think of education? Well, if not maybe you should, according to Saga Briggs, creative writer and author of 25Ways to Institute Passion-Based Learning in the Classroom!

In Briggs’ words, there is basically no emotional charge connected to things that kids are asked to memorize! And, if they were “passionately” engaged in their learning then, as Sir Ken Robinson says, “they naturally acquire the skills they need to get the work done.”

So, as one school year ends, in most states, and students anxiously await the start of a new term – let’s contemplate on how to continue to light their fires (and those of FSE students) and revolutionize learning! Following are some of Briggs tips on how to accomplish that:  

  1. Share your own passions with your students – Passion is contagious.
  2. Let Students Share their passions – It’s important to let students pursue their own passions individually, but equally important to let them share their passions with others.
  3. Connect students’ passions to real-world scenarios – Emphasize the real-life significance of their passions.
  4. Let students take control – When students believe they are in control of their own learning, they value it twice as much as they would otherwise.

Click here for more tips! And, be sure to leave your comments! We want to hear from you!  

– The IDEAWorks® Team


“Get excited and enthusiastic about your own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire – you can smell it, taste it, and see it from a mile away.”

~Denis Waitley


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