Problems, Solved!

Growing a Burger2There are good ideas – and then there are BIG ideas! BIG ideas can potentially solve problems and lead the way to change, for the better! Well, TIME magazine recently released a list of 10 BIG IDEAS! The list includes everything from test-tube meat to religion. Anyway, the list of BIG ideas are claimed to be so good that they have the potential to alter the way we work, live, pray and play!

Are you curious to learn more about these innovations? Here’s a sample:

  1. A Fix for Traffic Jams – We all can identify with traffic jams! And, it is believed the reasons for the traffic jams are online purchases! So, what’s the BIG idea – ? Bikes!
  2. Flood Waters – For decades, cities have tried to prevent flood damage, but as sea levels rise and storms get fiercer, that has been mostly impossible! So, what’s the BIG idea – ? “Accommodation Architecture”!
  3. Growing a Burger – Most of us like burgers, right? Well, more than 8 billion animals are being slaughtered each year to produce food. This is a big deal for some vegetarians and advocacy groups. So, what’s the BIG idea – ? Produce edible meat in labs!

Sounds interesting? Click here to learn more about these and other TIME big ideas!

– The IDEAWorks® Team


“Believe in something larger than yourself…. Get involved in the big ideas of your time.”

~Barbara Bush


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