Identify YOUR triggers, energize YOURSELF!

TriggersWhat are your triggers? Do you know? Triggers are any event, behavior or circumstance that drives you into negative emotions. We all have them! And, according to author and entrepreneur, Tony Schwartz, you can gain control over these triggers, first by recognizing what they are, and then by taking specific steps to counter them!

Schwartz has created a golden rule for handling triggers, and you can find out how he came up with it, why, and how it can work for you! Join the IDEAWorks team, The Office of Professional Development, and your colleagues, at the upcoming learning event: Energizing Yourself and Your Organization to find out more and be energized!

Please see the flyer below for details. Hope to see you there!

Schwartz Redux - final April 9.pdf_Part 2 

  – The IDEAWorks Team


“Passion is the trigger of success.” 



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