HealthSpot_Hospital in a Box 2Soon, on a university campus, quite possibly near you, you’ll notice more than just students hustling and bustling to get to class! You might just wander past a “Hospital-In-A-Box!” Don’t know what that is? Well, you will shortly, but until then here are a few details…

In an effort to decrease the traffic in emergency rooms and make healthcare services easily accessible and cost effective, these small, walk-in telemedicine kiosks will provide high-quality healthcare (the same care that you would get in a traditional doctor’s office) via video conferencing with board-certified physicians. Yes, I agree that it sounds like something from The Jetsons, but this “futuristic” service will be available to you in very untraditional places like retail stores, grocery stores, and on college campuses.

Just when you think you have seen it all, look again! Click here to find out more! And, please leave your comments below! The IDEAWorks team would love to know what you are thinking about this latest invention in healthcare and how it would benefit students, faculty, and staff at FSE.

– DeAndra Clark


“Where a new invention promises to be useful, it ought to be tried.” 

~Thomas Jefferson


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