Get out of the box!

Not all turtles are created equal. They vary in size, species, and habits, which include what they feed on and what they need to grow and be healthy. No, this blog post isn’t about turtles, but it is about how organizations should consider the needs of their employees when it comes to creativity and innovation as an alternative to boxing them in, permitting them limited room to grow and innovate.

In their article “How Treating Your Employees Like Turtles Can Smother Innovation,” authors Chris Derose and Noel Tichy visit this subject, describing it as ‘unintentionally discouraging innovation’. They go on to say that turtles, when not in the right habitat, don’t grow to their fullest potential – and this is so with employees who are limited in what they can do creatively. Derose and Tichy also provide examples of high profile companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Steelcase, who allow workers to “get out of the box.” Click here for details on those companies and maybe some great ideas that can be borrowed to assist in breaking out of the box and your comfort zone!

– DeAndra Clark

“Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future.”  

~James Bertrand


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