YOU are the ‘Innovation ‘Glue’

Many topics regarding innovation have been discussed on the IDEAS AT WORK blog. After all, that’s what this blog was designed to do… Promote innovation! We have provided tips on how to be more innovative; covered the years newest inventions; featured students that have used their creativity to create innovative things that benefit mankind, and countless other topics – the one we haven’t addressed is how YOU are the glue to your organizations innovation efforts!

According to author and entrepreneur, Paul Hobcraft, “People and Motivations Link a Well-Designed Innovation Framework.” As the title of one of his latest articles, it really explains how important YOU are to the process of innovation! The article details how YOU can support as well as become the bond to the process of creativity and innovation.

Click here for details!

 – IDEAWorks Team

 “Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.” 

~Kenyan Proverb



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