The “I” Word…

Everybody uses it, the “I” word, that is… But according to the article “Innovation is Nothing” the term innovation is overused, underdelivered and much easier to invoke than actually pull off, for most organizations!

Author of the article and columnist, Steve McKee brings up a good point.. It is difficult to name a company that doesn’t consider itself “innovative.” According to McKee public companies used the term “innovation” in their financial reports more than 33,000 times last year! However, actual innovations are not widely or evenly distributed as initiatives. There is a difference! (Take a look at the article You Call That Innovation? for more on this buzzword)

Need a good example resolve and determination? Well, the author provided one… The JC Penney debacle, as he calls it, shows how fragile innovation initiatives are! In his words, it takes the courage to change and perseverance to take an idea from theory to practice.  

– DeAndra Clark

 “Don’t confuse the art of the possible with the art of the profitable.”

~David Tansley


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