Be Nimble!

No, this blog post isn’t about him, but Jack was nimble and quick… He had the right idea! We can learn a lot from him and companies like Kraft, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starbucks. These organizations are all ‘nimble’ when it comes to their products and serivces, affording them the opportunity to market their goods in different regions of the world!

According to the article Deep Local Innovation America is no longer the only country ‘Running on Dunkin’ – those who live in India are now consuming Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee, with a twist. Starbucks has also infiltrated the Indian market by matching their product offerings to local tastes. And, Kraft has made over $2 billion in sales by conforming the Oreo cookie to the region being served!

So, when trying to expand the brand here at NSU/FSE we also need to be nimble and quick! Maybe we too can expand more globally, with success!

– DeAndra Clark


 “Whatever you are be a good one.”

~Abraham Lincoln



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One Response to Be Nimble!

  1. Lisa says:

    Yes! (Jack was nimble and Jack was quick)–Be Nimble! AND… remain AHEAD of the Curve…
    Can we do this?

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