Flipped Classrooms?

The IDEAWorks® team hosted another great Open-Mic session! The subject was “flipped classrooms.” The conversation was so intriguing – I thought it was only right to continue the discussion on the IDEAS AT WORK BLOG! I am sure that most of you have heard about Sal Khan, a former hedge fund analyst who has possibly changed the way kids are educated through Khan Academy

His “flipped classroom” style of teaching is being used in classrooms throughout California and is spreading like wildfire!  So, what is a “flipped classroom?” It’s simple… Students no longer listen to lectures from teachers standing at the front of the classroom. Now, they watch and practice lessons at home, at their own pace, and implement what they have learned while in the classroom setting. Sound good to you? It does to many students and educators around the world, but not all are convinced! 

In the article Flipping the Classroom Requires More Than Video, author Kevin Makice, a regular blogger for WIRED Magazine, offers some strong caveats about this method of teaching, saying, “Moving a lecture online changes where that information is consumed, not necessarily the degree of student engagement or its effectiveness.”  As his title says, Makice and the dozen experts he interviewed believe flipped classrooms need more than videos!

 What do you think? What does this method of teaching mean for faculty, staff and students at the Abraham S. Fischler School of Education? Leave your comment below and click on the “Open-Mic Events” tab to see more links for information on this subject. 

– DeAndra Clark 

“If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”

~Maya Angelou, US Author & Poet



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