#12 out of 50

FastCompany magazine recently released a list of 50 of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. And it comes to no surprise that Apple, Facebook, and Google are the top three “most innovative” companies on the list!

You may be surprised, however, that Southern New Hampshire University took the #12 spot! The reason why, according to FastCompany: The university has been relentless in reinventing higher education, online and off! In fact, SNHU is expected to soon become the country’s largest online, not-for-profit educational system. This is confirmation that innovators are found in all industries, including ours! 

Some of the other companies that made the list include:

  • Occupy Movement For embodying all the traits that make a fast company.
  • HBO – For being the only TV Network to delight with digital
  • NFL – for stoking insatiable, year-round demand for professional football.
  • Starbucks – For infusing a steady stream of new ideas to revive business.
  • Chipotle – For exploding all the rules of fast food.
  • UPS – For solving its customers’ number-one pet peeve. 

Click here to get more details on these companies and take a glimpse at what other companies are on the list of the top innovators! 

“I believe in being an innovator.” 

~Walt Disney


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