Are you a Genius?

“Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.”

~F. Scott Fitzgerald, American Writer

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Webster Dictionary defines ‘genius’  as “somebody with exceptional intellectual or creative ability.” Would you say that definition describes you? If not, why? Obviously, we were all born with the intellect and capability of being creative, but for some reason these skills are suppressed, especially as we get older! 

According to the article ‘Genius’ there are things that we can do to regain our creativity and confidence! To unleash your genius you have to start thinking as yourself as a genius, repeating to yourself “I am a genius, and I apply my wisdom.”  Here are a few more tips to get your intellectual juices flowing:

  • Start thinking of yourself as a genius. Self-image determines behavior and results.
  • To generate brilliant ideas make it a habit to use a specific creative thinking techniques such as mind mapping, image streaming, or one of the many idea generation exercises that have evolved from brainstorming.
  • Emulate the creativity strategies of geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison and Mozart. Modelling is a fast way to trigger dormant mental abilities.
  • Always carry a notebook to capture your ideas, thoughts and observations.
  • Take action on your ideas. Be productive. Leave your mark on the world.
  • Live large. Break rules. Ask lots of questions. Have fun. Love life. Serve…

And, just for fun…. Take the ‘Genius Test’ to see how much of a whiz you really are!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Here’s a TED video that is very apropos for the concept of “genius.” It’s by author Elizabeth Gilbert, and I think it’s amazingly well conceived and thought-provoking. Enjoy.


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