Put a Ding in the Universe!

“I want to put a ding in the universe.”

~Steve Jobs

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 Before he fades into our memories, we think there’s room for one more commentary on Steve Jobs – one that may stick with you for a long time. Everyone knew him! No, not personally, but at some point you heard about him, used one of his Apple creations or watched one of his Pixar movies! Steve Jobs was an icon! The Thomas Edison, as he has been likened, of the last half century!

He put that “ding in the universe,” as he set out to do, changing technology and the way the world communicates, forever!  He will be missed, but remembered, not only by his great innovations, but knowledge! He left a legacy and 10 Commandments for us to live by, such as:

  • Tap the Experts
  • Never Stop Studying
  • Keep Teams Small

Check them out, write them down or even frame them on your wall! You’ll be better for it!

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